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        Please Note!! All products contained within this wed page are exclusive of VAT. All snooker and Pool tables irrespective of size come with Free equipment and accessories.

         Welcome to Northwest Snooker Services E-commerce website, the biggest supplier in the Northwest. The one stop shop for all your cue sports requirements, Guaranteed!!

100 Lockerbie Avenue

Thornton Cleveleys

Lancs FY5 3EP

United Kingdom

Tel/Fax: +44 0 (1253) 854993 Mobile: 07946834681



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Thursday, February 12, 2015

    Indoor Games Tables

        Bar Billiard Tables

 Refurbished Snooker Tables

  American Pool Tables

   Pool Tables Diners

         UK Pool Tables

  Snooker Tables Diners

    Snooker Tables

Cue Racks & Floor Stands

Table Canopies & Shades

Billiard Table Irons & Accessories

Wall Mounted Score Boards

Snooker & Pool Table Covers

        Maintenance Equipment

  Rest Sticks & Rest Heads

  Snooker & Pool Table Chalk

   Snooker & Pool Table Cloth

Tips & Cue Tipping Equipment

Pocket Leathers & Ring Nets

                Light Meters

            Snooker Balls

        UK & American Pool Balls

   Snooker & Pool Cues

          Cue Cases

Poker Chips, Cards & Tables

    Darts, Dart Boards & Equipment

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            Novelty Items

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         Pool Table Spares

Lacquers & Polishes Available

Snooker & Pool Table Rental

            Overseas Orders

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     Frequently Asked Questions

           To order a newly manufactured snooker or pool table a 10% deposit will be required to book into the Northwest Snooker order book. Deposit payments are non-refundable should you decide to cancel the

                                                                                            order. Remittance payable after the table is fully installed and all accessories have been supplied.

Northwest Snooker Services 100 Lockerbie Avenue Thornton Cleveleys  FY5 3EP United Kingdom

Tel: +44 0 (1253) 854993 Mobile: 07946834681 email: northwestsnooker1@sky.com

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