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Northwest Snooker Services are currently constructing an e-commerce site. Our wide range of cues, equipment and services are still available for you to purchase via telephone, e-mail or text. You can also take advantage of our user friendly form on our contact page.



English Pool Tables & Pool Table Diners

Newly manufactured English pool tables & pool table diners. Available with coin operation or domestic (freeplay)
Manufactured in hardwoodand selected laminate surfaces and available in 6ft & 7ft table sizes. All fitted with
over 15 types of cloth and all come with free accessories.


The Elegance


The Omega (Freeplay)
The Majestic
The Elite (Freeplay)


Homeplay Pool Table
The Montana


Snooker Tables & Snooker Table Diners

Newly manufactured English snooker tables and snooker table diners in selected light and dark woods. Available in
7,8,9,10 and 12ft table sizes, fitted with over 15 types of coloured cloth and,
all come with free accessories.


Homeplay Snooker Table
The renaissance
The Sovereign


The Majestic Snooker Diner
Square Legged
The Kensington


English Pool Table Spares & Accessories



Northwest Snooker Services Offers a Nationwide Recovering & Relocation Service

The Number One for Snooker & Pool Table Refurbishment!




We've Got It Covered!






Jinli Snooker Cues
£90 each or
2 for £160
Wall Mounted & Circular Cue Racks
Snooker & Pool table Cloth
Time Safe Light Meters
Rest Heads & Table Hooks
Triangle Chalk
Poker Chips & Tables
Snooker & Pool Table Lights
Snooker Table Equipment & Accessories
Snooker & Pool Balls
Wall Mounted Marker Boards
Cue Tips & Tipping Equipment
Snooker Cues & Cases
Table Care & Maintenance
Cue Extensions
Snooker & Pool Table Covers
Novelty Items
Reconditioned Pool & Snooker Tables





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