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Snooker Table Floor Loading

Snooker Table Floor Loading

(Floor strengths in relation to the weights of a full size snooker tables)

It is a common misconception that's floors need to be specially strengthened to support the weight of a full size snooker table. In fact, the actual floor loading over the area involved is very low indeed.

  • The total weight of a full size snooker table is unlikely to exceed:                                                          1250.00 kgs

  • The table will stand on 8 legs so the incident loading per leg is approximately:                                156.25 kgs

  • The area of each leg in contact with the floor will be at least:                                                                   50.00 sq cms

  • So the incident loading per square centimetre is only, approximately:                                                 3.13 kgs/sq cm

  • However, the average floor loading over the floor area occupied by the table:                                     35.00 sq m     

  • Will be only in the region of:                                                                                                                             0.36 kgs/sq cm

  • Or approximately 15 people standing in the room.